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Accessory After The Fact

Title: Accessory After the Fact
Rating: Gen
Fandom: Journey Into Mystery/ Thor(comics)
Summary: Loki knows there aren't many people in Asgard who appreciate his mischief the way it was meant to be appreciated. But maybe if he can find just one...

Author's note: So, I've been reading Journey Into Mystery, and now I can write nothing but kid!Loki. I'll try and keep the fic deluge as low-key as possible (no pun intended)

Hildy watched the running boy out of well practised instinct. As many siblings as she had, it paid to watch running people. Out of self preservation, or to gain blackmail material, it was all good.

And Hildy's father was Volstagg the Voluminous, close companion of Asgard's protector, so she could hardly miss who this particular running boy was. She recognised the severe cowl-and-crown under the hood - Loki. The trickster that her father was so afraid of was younger than Hildy now, and he was running for his life. Hildy ran after him.

The young trickster threw himself over a low wall in the courtyard, and Hildy quickly seated herself nonchalantly against a pillar just in time to see what Loki was running from. She could see Loki slam himself into the shadow of the wall, and she was close enough to see the gleeful grin on his face as a small mob of... people... chased him into the yard.

They were dressed oddly, for Asgard. She was almost positive that Hogun hadn't intended to dress entirely in shades of pink and green that morning. And not only did they look strange, they sounded strange too. Hildy listened uncomprehending for five seconds before realising that they were singing. Very angry songs, but they were singing them.

"Young Hildy!" sang a woman as she noticed their audience. "Surely you have seen the direction that intolerable creature ran?"

Hildy got the distinct feeling that laughing and telling her she was off tune was a bad idea. In the shadow, her gaze brushed Loki's for a fraction of a second. "Who, Loki? He went that way. He was running pretty fast."

"Then we shall run faster!" belted Hogun in a surprisingly tuneful baritone. And they were off. Hildy crossed over to the wall and sat dangling her feet.

"You know, pink's his colour," she remarked, looking down. Loki was nowhere to be seen. "Don't hide! That was awesome!"

A second's silence, and Loki stepped out from behind a column, already half out of his distinctive cowl and hood. His hair was a mess. "Do you really think so?"

Hildy laughed "Who knew Grim Hogun could sing like that?"

"Anyone who's been dragged on camping trips with him and my brother," grimaced Loki. A warbling from the sky made him lift his head and a large black and white bird swooped down, late to the game. Loki lifted his hand, and the bird pecked half heartedly at it as it swept past to land on Loki's shoulder. It leaned its beaky face in as though to whisper in the boy's ear, but Loki waved it away. "What of Lorelei? I would have thought she might be able to hold a tune!"

The bird looked every bit as though it was sulking. Hildy laughed again. "I think her clothes were too loud for her to hear her own voice! You could tell she was trying though. That's why I love the feel of this piece, it feels like you get so much emotion from between the lines."

A grin of pure astonishment broke across the trickster's face. "Are you-- Are you critiquing my mischief? You know I'm the god of this stuff, right?" He looked delighted.

"There's always room for improvement." Hildy jumped down from the wall and tilted her head to observe him. "Come on. Break me out of Asgard, and take me to Broxton. I'll show you how it's done." Loki raised one eyebrow, but the astonished smile still echoed on his lips. "The mortal children call it ghosting. You find an adult, and copy their every move - and see how long you can do it without getting caught."

Loki exchanged a look with his bird. "That seems somewhat puerile."

"My record is two hours."

A snort of laughter escaped before Loki could stop it, and Hildy looked smug. "I could beat that," he said.

"Money on it?"

"I'll have to change my clothes..."

"We can pose as mortals!"

"I'll have to convince your father I haven't kidnapped you..."

"Parental disapproval's the best part!"

"Meet you at the parapet in ten minutes?"

"Meet me in five," Hildy corrected, grinning. "You'd better live up to your reputation, trickster!"

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